Little Words

Calling all the hopeless lovers, This one goes out to you. Those unrequited feelings That you will never know Drenched in the ideas of what may be, Never taking the chance to open… Continue reading

Bursts of Sunbeams

You know that feeling of clarity that comes after being stuck in a clouded mind for so long? When you are exposed to something that gets the wheels turning; that opens up a… Continue reading

Goodbye, 2015!

I honestly have no idea how it’s already the last day of the year. It’s crazy looking back on everything that happened over this past year, especially when it set up so much… Continue reading

The Timing of It All

Life has a funny way of working itself out. It shows in moments that seem to exist as a reminder that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes they are in the form of… Continue reading

Love Triumphs Over Evil

If there is anything that the Harry Potter series has taught me, it’s this. In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, I have seen a wide range of people expressing… Continue reading

“Wait For It”

I think we’ve all had moments where we’ve seen friends and colleagues zoom past us, either to success, or to marriage, or to homeownership, while we lingered where we were—broke, single, jobless. And… Continue reading

Life at Twenty

Twenty years old. Two complete decades wandering about this earth, developing and learning and growing to the point of classifiable adulthood. It’s a weird concept to think about sometimes. At twenty you’re old enough… Continue reading