The Timing of It All

Life has a funny way of working itself out.

It shows in moments that seem to exist as a reminder that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes they are in the form of a “no”, other times in a “yes”. It’s funny how all of the No’s seem to lead to one gigantic, exciting, epic Yes. There’s a song from this band, Neck Deep, called Gold Stepand I think the chorus acts as a great reminder of the idea that life may not always seem like it’s working in your favor, but everything will be alright in the end.

“‘Cause sometimes things will bend you but trust me you’ll be fine//life’s not out to get you, despite the things you’ve been through ’cause what you give is what you get…”

Things are not always in our control. I do believe that some type of greater force is shaping our lives. I believe that every little choice we make in a day happens for a reason. I also believe that the attitude and energy we emit into the universe plays a role in shaping our greater destiny. Derek DiScanio from the band State Champs says in a song that

“we attract what we’re ready for, it’s something I can’t ignore”

and this is something that I fully agree with. When you practice having a positive mindset and spread positive energy into the daily things that you do, the universe responds accordingly. It may not result in the exact outcome you originally hoped for. Sometimes it may even be better than what you originally wanted, or it could be the complete opposite of anything you thought would happen-but everything works out for a reason.

This past year I have been introduced to a lot of music where the artists are reiterating the idea that everything will be alright in the end, and we can trust them because they are examples of it. Listen to Twenty One Pilots, All Time Low, State Champs, or any pop-punk band who has made it out of their hometown and they will probably tell you the same thing. After hearing it enough, you start to believe it too.


I decided to write this after my friend and I had an ups-and-down experience trying to get to this one event that we really wanted to experience to de-stress from finals and to just feel free and get lost in music. Everything worked out greater than we could have possibly imagined, and it was one of those weird reminders that things just work out sometimes. And life is awesome. 

Here is a video I made of the day if you’d like to check out a visual glimpse into my world.