Bursts of Sunbeams

You know that feeling of clarity that comes after being stuck in a clouded mind for so long? When you are exposed to something that gets the wheels turning; that opens up a flood of ideas, plans, dreams, goals and creative goodness that makes you finally understand the idea behind the image of the energizer bunny?

I finally felt an onrush of creative energy–the momentum I’ve been waiting to gain since arriving to this city a little over one month ago. I’ve absorbed so much content in that time and it has finally acted as a source of fuel and inspiration for me to begin creating content again. And damn does it feel good.

Not just content, but content that I’m excited about. Content I feel confident in. Ideas that I feel comfortable sharing with close new friends that share similar ideas and aspirations. They can help me improve and grow as an artist, and I have so much I can learn from them. It is a beautiful trade off that I wouldn’t ever want to replace.
Things are overwhelming but finally in a clear-headed way.
It’s exhilarating. Its empowering.
Let the creating begin.
“Creativity comes in waves; sometimes it’s a drought, others a tsunami. But when it comes, it crashes over and drowns you in its path, forcing you to surrender to its power. You give in, you work, and you overcome. For when there is rain, there is always sun.” -A.