-A video I edited for my sister after she spent her fall break abroad visiting Santorini, Athens, and Barcelona. (Most recent project from 2015)

-This project was derived from a post I made on my tumblr describing how I was feeling before I turned 20 as well as what I hoped to get out of the new year. This stop-animation type video was incredibly fun to create and work on despite it turning out differently than my original concept idea (still included stop-animation but had more on-location shots rather than me sitting in front of a camera and talking). This was one of my favorite videos to make this year.

-Shattered Dreams (the film) was part of the Shattered Dreams program at my high school, which I co-directed in 2013. This year-long project began preparation and concept idea planning in winter of 2012, with filming, editing and event planning lasting until April 2013. This program is aimed to bring awareness to drunk driving prevention around prom time for high schoolers, and encourage students to make safe and smart choices. The film and program received an award for Outstanding Trauma Awareness by the Hospital of Pennsylvania’s Trauma Center.

-I made this video for fun as a promotion for the band State Champs and to practice the tour-diary filming and editing style of videos for bands and touring artists, which I one day hope to do.

-This is a vlog/wrap-up video I made from my first trip to Los Angeles and San Diego, California in May 2015.

-Another tour diary style video I made one night out in Philadelphia with some of my family.

-A promotional video I made as part of my final rep project when I was a summer campus representative for the company “Serengetee”